The Best Mesh Backpacks

The backpack may have come from humble beginnings but now it is the bag of choice for millions of people across the world. Celebrities, business people, and students all choose to use these versatile bags to get their belongings where they need to be. Mesh backpacks are simply another variant that may appeal to you.

Our Top Pick!
Adidas Hermosa Mesh Backpack

Adidas has made a mesh backpack that still looks like you could take it into the middle of the jungle and vanish from sight.

Adidas Hermosa Mesh Backpack

The original backpacks can be traced back to early man; a simple cloth strapped to your back could carry tools, weapons, or even the latest prize in a hunt. Over the years these have evolved to become more sophisticated. Back straps are padded, adjustable, and often accompanied by waist straps; especially in the case of hiking backpacks.

Despite all the different styles, there are still two main types of backpacks; the framed and the frameless. Framed backpacks tend to be the preserve of those who are hiking or mountaineering. The frame provides extra support which allows you to carry more weight than a conventional, unframed backpack.

The external frame has been replaced by the internal frame which serves the same purpose. Frameless backpacks tend to be smaller and are excellent for day trips, weekends away, the daily commute, and even a day at college. These are the backpacks that have grown hugely in popularity in recent years: leading to clear backpacks and mesh backpacks.

The mesh backpack is made out of a mesh material that is interwoven to ensure the backpack is strong enough to carry your loads. Although it is not as easy to see in as with the clear backpacks, a mesh backpack will still allow you to see your contents and find things easily. These were originally designed as the perfect bag for people who spend a lot of time on the water.

The mesh materials will contain your belongings but can be taken in the water and it will simply pour back out. Obviously, the items inside must be waterproof or capable of getting wet but it can be a great way for scuba divers to carry essential items with them.

Of course, mesh backpacks have now become popular as fashion accessories. They are generally easier for security procedures as you can see what is inside them, but unlike the clear backpacks, it is not easy to read any personal data unless very close to the bag. Mesh is strong, durable, and very practical in many different environments; it can also be found in a variety of colors and styles which should help you to personalize your backpack.

The 10 Best Mesh Backpacks:

There are many different possibilities when you are considering purchasing this type of backpack, your decision can be made easier by looking at the following top 10, as reviewed by us.  

1. Adidas Hermosa Mesh Backpack

Adidas Hermosa Mesh Backpack

Adidas has made a mesh backpack that still looks like you could take it into the middle of the jungle and vanish from sight. As well as the gray camouflage you can get this stylish backpack in bold blue/solar blue, royal blue/orange, and even pink/black. Every color scheme looks vibrant and stylish.

The backpack itself is traditional in look. It is almost rectangular with a slightly narrower top than the bottom, the top curves gently to maximize space for larger objects. It measures approximately 19.5 inches by 12 inches with a depth of approximately 6 inches. This means it is large enough to handle your tablet or a 13-inch laptop, as well as a collection of textbooks or an A4 binder. As always the padded rear straps are fully adjustable to ensure it sits comfortably on your back, or your child’s.

The mesh netting is made from polyester; it is extremely strong and durable. The mesh is the color of the backpack although you can still see through it. The rear of the backpack is one solid panel with padding to ensure comfort while it is on your back. The main compartment is double zippered to help keep your items secure, particularly important if you can see what you are carrying!

There are several internal compartments in the main pocket as well as an outer pocket with a selection of drop-style pockets in the mesh. These include pen holders, a key fob, ID or bank card slot, cell phone, and a notepad or wallet. There are two side pockets, also of mesh and an open top. These are perfect for storing water bottles or umbrellas.

The pockets in the main compartment consist of two drop style pockets and one zippered; these are set in the back panel which offers a measure of privacy. Although these are not big you can keep your cell phone or something similar sized in them.

Of course, as this bag has a complete mesh front it is not waterproof or even water-resistant. While this will not be an issue on a dry day it is worth considering on a wet day; there is little point in purchasing a see-through bag only to wrap everything up inside!

This bag is strong and will easily accommodate the daily rigors of school books and other abuse which comes with day after day at school. Considering it can be purchased for between $30 and $50 it represents excellent value for money; especially as it is delivered with a lifetime warranty!

The mesh nature of the build means that it weighs just one pound unloaded. It is surprisingly spacious inside and should be able to cope with all the book needs of a day at school, college or you may prefer to take it to work with you. Of course, it does not look as professional as some backpacks and might not be the right accompaniment for your suit.

But, if your employer has a policy requiring clear backpacks they may accept this mesh backpack instead; which is likely to last longer and certainly looks better than most of the clear ones on the market.

2. J World New York Mesh Backpack

J World New York Mesh Backpack

J World is an American company, based in New York, with a huge range of backpacks, ranging from rolling backpacks to duffel bags and, of course, mesh backpacks. Every one of their products is stylish and fun as well as practical. Their emphasis is on providing you with something that looks good while being built to last.

Their mesh backpack is no different. In fact, if you select it in black it looks professional enough to accompany you on any business trip! It is available in a variety of colors, including checkers, pink, and spring; which should give you an idea regarding the vibrant and unique nature of this backpack manufacturer.

This particular backpack is 18 inches high and 13 inches wide with a depth of 7.5 inches. It weighs 1.4 pounds and adopts the traditional curved top of most backpacks. There is a convenient carry handle on the top which will allow you to sling the bag over your wrist if required.

As with most of the mesh bags, it appears to be a solid color from a distance but as you get closer you will see that it is made entirely of mesh, not even the back is paneled. This makes it perfect for schools and workplaces with strict guidelines, or it can be your gym bag, allowing wet and sweaty clothing to air on the way home without running the bag; it can easily be washed and dried at any time. Of course, it is not waterproof or even water-resistant.

There is one large main compartment that is closed via a double zipper system across the top front of the backpack. The zip goes most of the way down towards the base allowing you easy access to the contents.  There are no internal pockets in this compartment although it could easily accommodate a 15 inch or some 17-inch laptops.

There is a second zipped pocket in front of the main compartment. This is about almost the same height as the main pocket although slimmer. It could be used as a laptop holder although this may cause issues with not being able to see what is behind it while it is on your back. In front of this is a third pocket which is about half the height of the backpack and designed for accessories. It would easily accommodate your cell phone, wallet, and notebooks along with a pen and pencil; ensuring you are ready for any occasion.

The bag also features wide padded S-shaped shoulder straps. These are designed to be exceptionally comfortable while retaining some breathability to prevent you from sweating while carrying the backpack. It is also worth noting that there are two side mesh pockets designed to hold water bottles.

However, several users have said that these pockets could be deeper so you may need to consider what size water bottle you carry. You can purchase this bag for between $30 and $50 making it an excellent value and worth considering as your main backpack or simply one for sports.

3. Nike Brasilia 7 Backpack Mesh Backpack

Nike Brasilia 7 Backpack Mesh Large Backpack

Nike needs no introduction and it is not surprising that one of their bags has made it onto the best mesh backpacks list. They are, after all, a company that specializes in developing sports clothing and accessories and the mesh backpack can certainly be considered one of these. Of course, it is worth noting that the Nike Brasilia retails at between $70 and $90; making it the most expensive option on the list but this does not mean you should disregard it straight away.

The Brasilia is a large backpack that is available in one color scheme; the majority of the bag is royal blue with black trim and the traditional hit Nike tick. There is no doubt that this is a good-looking bag; it has the standard curved top design with front and side pockets but somehow manages to look more like a full canvas bag.

Its original design was as a sports bag hence the claim to have breathable mesh storage for all your sports gear. In fact, the main compartment features a dual zip facility to ensure it provides you with both security and ease of access. The bag weighs 2.5 pounds due to the quality of the materials used in its production. It is a mixture of nylon and polyester with Nike’s air shoulder straps.

These are adjustable and extremely comfortable as they have air pads inside them to help keep the load evenly distributed and prevent too much pressure in one spot. You will also appreciate the padded rear panel of the backpack; this ensures it is comfortable to carry regardless of which items you have placed inside.

The bag has a sporty look and measures approximately 20 inches by 14 inches wide, with a depth of 9 inches. In fact, the main compartment is big enough to handle a basketball comfortably. The zip on the main compartment goes nearly all the way to the base of the backpack to make this possible.

In front of the main compartment is a secondary pocket. This one is also double zipped and is the same height s the main compartment only much slimmer. It would be perfect for an A4 binder or several notepads to assist you at the gym or at school. In front of this is the third pocket, it has a curved top for effect and occupies two-thirds of the bag.

Two distinctive black stripes down the front of this pocket s really add to the style of the bag. This is a great spot for your personal items such as cell phones and wallets. You will also note there are two open pockets, one on each side. These are designed to carry water bottles or an umbrella.

Of course, there is also a convenient and comfortable carry handle for when you need to rest your back or it is simply easy to carry it this way. You won’t be surprised to find that this bag comes with a long warranty and that the majority of people who invest in this backpack are very satisfied with the product they receive. Whether you use it for the gym or take as many heavy books as possible to school every day; this backpack will stand up to the challenge.

4. Jansport Mesh Backpack

Jansport Mesh Backpack

Jansport has been producing high-quality bags for 50 years and there is little they don’t know or haven’t experienced in the world of backpacks! Whether you are looking to travel the world, start hiking or simply need a backpack for the school day, Jansport has the right one for you. Their mesh backpack is one of the best examples you will find especially considering the realistic price of between $30 and $50.

This mesh backpack is available in stylish black and vivid purple; it looks good in both colors. It is made from nylon and polyester which ensures it is exceptionally lightweight and durable. While it is obviously not waterproof it does aid with drying as the contents can be exposed to air and sunlight while traveling; reducing the risk of dampness and mold on your clothing, books, and even in the bag.

The Jansport mesh backpack measures 18.6 inches high by 13.8 inches wide and has a depth of 6.5 inches. More impressive is that, despite its size, it weighs less than one pound; just 13 ounces! The straps are padded and very comfortable. They can be adjusted as far as 33.5 inches; this should ensure the bag is comfortable on any ones back.

It should be noted that this bag is larger than it appears, although exceptionally light it may dwarf your child if you give it to them to use as a school bag. The rear panel is solid and padded to help ensure it is comfortable when you carry it, while the base continues the mesh theme to ensure water and debris easily exit the bag.

The main compartment on this bag zips from halfway up one side to the same position on the other side. It has a dual zip to provide additional security if required. This gives you a good level of access to the main pocket which also has an internal zip pocket that is big enough to handle your cell phone and secure enough that it won’t be seen.

In front of the main compartment is a secondary pocket that takes up approximately half the height of the backpack and is perfect for all the accessories you need to carry. This pocket only has one zip so cannot be locked shut. It does have a personal organizer inside this pocket which consists of several different drop style pockets.

These are perfect for pens, pencils, notebooks, and even bank or ID cards. There are no side pockets on this bag, but, it is worth saying again that it is a large backpack; you will easily fit your 17-inch laptop and a host of other items in it. There is even a convenient carry handle on the top if required.

There are plenty of reviews online regarding this backpack and almost all of them sing its praises. Whether being used as a dog travel bag, school bag or to go to the gym it has shown itself to be flexible, durable, and practical. Considering the price of this product it might be considered the best mesh backpack on this list for value, size, and flexibility.

5. High Sierra Airhead Mesh Backpack

High Sierra Airhead Mesh Backpack

High Sierra is a well-known producer of backpacks; their original remit to create high-quality bags for adventurous people. However, their range has now become popular with a huge number of people.

You are certain to find a backpack to suit your tastes and needs. The Airhead mesh backpack is available in red or black and looks like it is ready to go for a day’s hiking. Of course, as it is made of mesh and not waterproof this might not be the best use for this particular High Sierra product!  

The backpack measures 19.5 inches by 13 inches and 7 inches deep. This means it could comfortably house your 17-inch laptop, accessories, and some textbooks, or you may prefer to load it up with your snorkeling gear; just don’t forget to put your money and bank cards into a waterproof wallet!  

It is made entirely of polyester which is strong and durable but soft enough not to damage any items in the bag. One feature it does have which is not common in mesh backpacks is the waterproof cover. It is situated in its own compartment and can be pulled over the whole bag.

You should be aware that several people have commented this is a difficult task to complete, so practice is essential. This cover is completely hidden normally so as not to detract from the professional and appealing lines of the backpack.

It adopts an approach almost akin to a duffel bag in that it decreases in size at the top. However, because it has a zip-close it does not need to draw all the way together. The design ends up looking like a cross between a backpack, duffel bag, and a satchel. This might sound odd but it does put it in contention with Nike for the best-looking mesh backpack on this list.

Considering it is priced between $30 and £50 it has a competitive advantage over the Nike offer. The bag has a large main zipped compartment with a dual zip system that goes halfway down the sides of the bag. This compartment is also sealed with side straps. These are adjustable and designed to remove any strain from the zips.

There are no side pockets but you will find a useful front pocket that also has a double zip feature. Inside this pocket is a mesh organizer with a variety of pockets built to handle pens, pencils, cell phones, wallets, and notepads. There is even a key holder to ensure your keys stay safe when you are out and about; it would be frustrating to find they have fallen through the mesh.

You will also find a zipped media pocket with its own headphone port. This is fantastic for securing your media device and listening to music while on the move without needing to worry about where your device is.

The bag has a small carry handle that is comfortable for short trips and well-padded rear straps. These are S-shaped and have a Vapel mesh covering to help prevent you overheating or getting sweaty when carrying the bag for a long period of time. Although not the biggest bag on this list it will comfortably handle all your school books or any items you need to successfully complete a day trip on your kayak.  

6. Eastsport Mesh Backpack

Eastsport Mesh Bungee Backpack

Eastsport is the only manufacturer that has managed to get two bags onto the best 10 mesh backpacks list. There is a good reason for this. Unlike some of the competition, their entire business is based on producing high-quality bags and backpacks which will fulfill your needs while looking good.

As such they have a wide range of interesting and individual designs and all are at affordable prices. The Mesh Bungee backpack is an excellent example of this. It retails for under $20 making it the most affordable of all the best 10 mesh backpacks. You can choose between gray/mint, black/yellow, gray/orange, indigo, or pink. All of them look stylish with a careful balance of the two colors.

Of course, the bag is all mesh and made entirely from polyester which ensures it is extremely durable. It measures 17.5 inches high by 12.5 inches wide and has a depth of 5.5 inches. This makes it one of the smallest on the list but still capable of holding a 15-inch laptop and even some of the 17-inch ones; if that’s what you choose to carry in it.

The style is extremely traditional in shape but with a nice touch of detail in the bungee strap which snakes across the outside of the front pocket. This can be tightened to hold specific items in place; although it might not be a good place to keep any glass bottles you have!

The straps are wide and well-padded as well as being covered in a breathable mesh to help ensure you are comfortable when carrying it. They are, of course, fully adjustable to suit your needs and this bag will sit comfortably on adult or children’s shoulders. There is also a nicely designed logo integrated into the webbing at the top.

The main compartment has a dual zip system although the zips only come a third of the way down the bag; this allows you to stack things into the backpack easily but may prove a little harder to access smaller items that have dropped to the bottom of the bag. The zips have corded pulls attached to them to make it easy to grasp them and undo or even do up the bag quickly.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that, despite the excellent price, this bag comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. The main compartment is made of mesh to the front and back, allowing you to see straight through the bag; it has no internal pockets. In front of this is a secondary compartment that covers two-thirds of the front of the backpack.

This is designed to carry all your accessories but again, there are no internal pockets to help you stay organized. There are two mesh pockets at the sides which are designed to accommodate water bottles or even an umbrella to keep your bag dry in the rain.

This bag is functional and stylish, you can use it to transport a selection of heavy books to and from school or you can use it to go kayaking or on another outdoor activity where you need water to come out of your bag as fast as it goes in! It might not have the most pockets or be the biggest bag on the mesh backpacks list but it does have the best price and is extremely good at what it does do.

7. Marvel Boys’ Spiderman Mesh Backpack

Marvel Big Boys' Spiderman Print Mesh Backpack

You might not think that a mesh backpack could be created with a design incorporated into it, but it can as this offering from Marvel shows. This is an official product and retails for between $20 and $40, which is actually excellent value for a branded product such as this. The design looks fantastic from a distance and is sure to please your son or any adult still keen on Spiderman.

Of course, the only option is blue color and the images of Spiderman are actually incorporated into the meshing. There are several images of Spiderman shooting webs in different positions across the front and sides of the bag. The back of the bag is a solid blue panel with padding in to provide comfort when carrying this mesh backpack.

The rear straps are fully adjustable to suit an adult or a child and are also in blue. The entire backpack is made from polyester which gives it a durable quality while retaining a softness that makes it comfortable for children to use every day. It can even be hand washed to ensure it keeps looking good. Because it is mainly made of mesh fabric it will dry exceptionally quickly.

The bag measures 16 inches high by 12 inches wide and just 5 inches deep; definitely smaller than all of the other offerings on this list but still a practical choice for school if you don’t have too many books to carry or if you are happy to carry it to work. There is one main compartment that has dual zippers, something that appears to be standard on backpacks today.

There are no internal pockets in this compartment although there is a second pocket on the front of the backpack. This is half the height of the backpack but has a single front-facing zip which reduces your ability to access the items in the pocket easily. It is probably best to store a few larger items rather than lots of tiny ones in this pocket.

There are no side pockets or convenient places to keep your water bottle although there is a carry handle that can help you to keep hold of your bag comfortably when sat down. The minimal pockets and the size of this bag, along with a weight of just 10.4 pounds suggest that this is a perfect school bag or swim bag for your son. It looks good and the low number of pockets will help to prevent them from losing items or carrying more than they should.

It is worth noting that although this is a mesh bag, it has a padded panel back and a panel bottom. It also has images embedded into the mesh; this means there is limited visibility of what is inside the bag. If you are purchasing this to comply with school or work rules it might be best to confirm it does comply before you spend your money.

While it is a high-quality bag there are restrictions to its use; this makes it potentially the most fun but the least practical option on this list. However, it is clearly aimed at children who will love it because of the design and the attention it attracts at school. For this reason alone it is well worth considering and adding to your shortlist; you may even be able to get your son to carry his own items when you go out swimming, kayaking, or even on holiday!

8. Eastsport Mesh Backpack With Padded Shoulder Straps

Eastsport Mesh Backpack With Padded Shoulder Straps

The second offering from Eastsport is also available for under $20 and is well worth considering. You can purchase it in black or black and green or even black and pink. What is nice and makes this backpack distinctive is that the pink and the green are bright, bold colors visible on the trim as with most backpacks.

But, the rear straps are also the same color giving the bag a much more fun feel. It is made from polyester meshing, the same as many of these bags. This is because the polyester mesh is extremely tough and durable; it will not stretch or rip easily which would ruin the bag.  The colorful rear straps are padded and fully adjustable; this bag can comfortably fit an adult or a child. It measures 17.5 inches tall by 12.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep and weighing as light as 6.4 ounces!

The main compartment on this backpack has a dual zipper that runs across the traditional curved op and two-thirds of the way down each side; allowing you good access to space inside. The zips run exceptionally smoothly and there are additional cords attached to help you quickly grasp and open or close your bag. In front of this is a secondary pocket, also with a curved top which takes it just past half the height of the bag.

This is the perfect accessory pocket although there is no interior organizer or compartments. However, the zip runs across the top of this allowing the flap to fold downwards giving maximum access to the items inside. It should be noted that this is a single zipper pocket. There is also a small carry handle at the top made from webbing; this is comfortable to hold and is an essential addition to the bag.

The Eastsport mesh bungee backpack does come with a limited lifetime guarantee to provide you with peace of mind regarding the quality of the product you are purchasing. This bag is very strong and durable despite being made entirely of mesh.

It is perfectly capable of hauling books to and from school or simply safeguarding your swimwear before you visit the pool. It is also worth noting that there are two side pockets, both made from mesh. These are designed to hold your water bottles, although they could be used to hold anything of a similar size.

Being completely made of mesh this bag will instantly allow water to escape and will help to dry your damp clothing. While it can be useful to get wet clothing home after swimming the real benefit is in those items which are reused but which get damp and sweaty. A good example of this is knee and elbow pads for skateboarders or skaters.

These items are just reused but, because they have absorbed the sweat they will start to smell. A mesh bag allows them to breathe and dry out properly and the Eastsport mesh bungee backpack is a good example of this in action. Being completely mesh also provides the advantage that it can be folded into virtually nothing when empty, allowing you to carry it with you all the time.

9. Lt Tribe Men’s and Women’s Breathable Mesh Backpack

Lt Tribe Mens and Womens Breathable Mesh Backpack

This is the most solid looking of the mesh backpacks. In contrast to most of the other backpacks, this one is made from nano nylon mesh which is the best possible quality. It should be tougher and stronger than the standard polyester meshing used by most manufacturers. This backpack is available in several color choices including black, blue and orange.

Your choice will probably depend on which your favorite color is and what you intend to use the bag for. This backpack measures 16.54 tall by 12.99 wide and has a depth of 5.12 inches. It is big enough to act as a day bag or school bag but perhaps not the best choice if you are going hiking. The bag basically sticks to the traditional style of a curved top over a rectangular body. However, it has an additional piece at the rear to support the straps.

When they are raised up it will look like the bag has ears. It weighs just 13.6 ounces which makes it easy for anyone to carry. The rear straps are fully adjustable and well padded to maximize your comfort while using them.

You will find a large main pocket that is protected by dual zips. These meet at the top and then slide down each side until they reach the top of the side pockets. The zip line is angled backward which gives the bag a nice, sporty feel. Inside the main pocket, there is a secondary pocket that zips closed and is exceptionally useful for vital accessories, such as your cell phone. In front of the main compartment is a secondary pocket.

This juts out from the front and covers half the front of the rucksack. It has a single zip closure which effectively opens a flap and allows you access to a reasonably sized drop style pocket. This is the best place to keep your wallet, tickets, and any other items you might need in a hurry. You can move the backpack from your back to your chest to help you get anything you need. Unusually there are no further pockets although the main compartment is plenty big enough to handle most items you can throw at it.

The nanomesh used in this backpack offers more than increased strength and a unique style. It also improves air circulation throughout the bag; ensuring all your items are fully aired before you get home. This also alleviates any smells building which can happen with any backpack after extended use.

A useful extra feature is the reflective stripes which have been added to the padded straps. This should help you stand out at nighttime and reduce the risk of being accidentally hit by a vehicle of any description. This mesh backpack is comfortable even when undertaking more challenging activities such as running or cycling.

This backpack generally retails for between $40 and $60 although it is possible to get it cheaper at certain times when promotions and sales are on. While this is not one of the cheapest options available it is one of the best quality mesh backpacks and will stand up well to the rigors of daily school trips or even white water rafting.

It is worth noting that there are no padded panels on this stylish backpack; it is all mesh. It is a good accessory for your child as it looks stylish but it strong enough to handle all their books and them mistreating it. You can comfortably fit A4 binders or even a 15-inch laptop into the bag; just don’t take it out in the rain!

10. Travel Sport Transparent See-Through Mesh Backpack

Travel Sport Transparent See-Through Mesh Backpack

The final offering on the best 10 mesh backpacks list is the see-through mesh backpack from Travel Sport. This is another offering that can be purchased for less than $20 but still represents excellent value for money. You can choose between black, navy blue, royal blue, pink, red, and even white when looking at this mesh backpack.

All of the colors are bright but subtle enough to be accepted as a professional backpack. They have the added advantage of being harder to lose should you ever misplace your mesh backpack. Each backpack is made from 100% polyester and has a main compartment, large front pocket, and two side pockets; ensuring you have enough space for all your essential needs.

The bottom of the backpack has a one-piece panel that is reinforced to ensure your bag is strong enough to take all your books or other items. This is made from hard plastic t provide extra strength to the backpack and confidence in your ability to carry anything. As usual, the rear straps are well-padded and adjustable to suit your needs.

There is a soft carry handle on the top and all the zips are made from silver metal with corded tags to make them easy to operate. The backpack measures 17 inches high by 13 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. This is big enough to take a 15b inch tablet although, as with all the mesh backpacks, there are no dedicated pockets for them.

Other than the hard base the bag is made completely of mesh, from a distance this looks like a solid color but up close you can see straight through it. The main pocket has a double zip that runs across the top and approximately one-third of the way down the sides.

This provides good access although you may find yourself feeling for smaller items as they can collect on the hard bottom. In front of this is the accessory pocket. This zips straight across the middle of the backpack allowing plenty of access to a good-sized front pocket. Whether you keep your swimming goggle or laptop accessories in here, they will be safe.

There are also two useful side pockets. Although designed with water bottles in mind they can accommodate a good range of items. The empty bag weighs 10.4 ounces which makes it easy for an adult or a child to carry. In fact, it is small enough not to dwarf your child but big enough to allow them to carry all their books.

It is possible to wash this bag although you will need to observe the standard color practice and allow it to dry naturally, tumble drying will cause it to lose shape almost immediately! This is a practical and durable bag and the majority of people using this backpack are happy with their purchase.

How to Choose the Right Mesh Backpack

The original idea behind a mesh backpack was as a useful way of carrying essential items when engaging in wet activities. This could have been water skiing, white water rafting, kayaking, swimming, or a host of other options.

However, as time has passed and security has become a bigger issue mesh backpacks have found a new niche. If you are planning on attending a big event then you will need to deal with security on the way in, having clear backpacks or mesh backpacks makes it easier for the security personnel to verify what you have in your bag. In fact, an increasing number of venues will not allow you in with any other type of bag.

Of course, you may want this type of bag for your child as they will find it fun and you will be able to easily check what they are actually talking to and from school. Equally, it can be an excellent beach bag as the sand will literally fall out of it. The possibilities are almost infinite for this stylish accessory. However, if you have decided that mesh backpacks are the right move for you then you should take a look at the following guide; it will assist you in making the right decision:

Why do You Want the Bag?

The first question you need to ask yourself is why do you want a mesh backpack? If it is to carry wet clothes and use while undertaking adventurous water activities then you need one that is completely made with mesh fabric, this will help to ensure water and muck drains quickly. Of course, if it is more of a style statement or because it can prevent your sweaty gym clothes from smelling then you can use one that has a panel back or base; the air will circulate enough to dry and air your clothes just by having mesh sides and front.

It is important to consider this before going any further as you may realize that the mesh backpack is actually not going to be beneficial to you at all, although this is unlikely.


But of course, you need to establish a budget. There is a big difference between spending $15 on a mesh backpack and spending $90! Setting your budget means being realistic about what you can afford or even be prepared to wait to get the right mesh backpack.

Even the Nike mesh backpack offering is not so expensive that you won’t be able to afford it in time. The question is whether you can wait or whether you need the bag now. You should also consider whether it is worth the wait. Nike is an exceptionally well-known name and offers high-quality products but they are not automatically the best. A much cheaper, less durable one might be a better place to start.

The important thing when you set a budget is to stick to it.


There is a difference in the size of the mesh backpacks on offer in this list. While most of them do not have dedicated pockets for tablets, laptops, or even cell phones this does not mean that they are not big enough for what you really need. However, it is also true to say that it is better to purchase a backpack that is a little too big than one that is too small.

The amount of space available in your mesh backpack will be a deciding factor in whether you can carry all the items you want. You should, therefore, think about what you normally carry and add a little extra to ensure you always have enough space. Mesh backpacks do not have organizers in them so you may also need to consider how you will put your items in and ensure they remain securely in position.  


The sheer range of colors is amazing especially since you are looking at a mesh backpack. By definition, you would think that they have no color! You can select any color or mixture of colors you desire. But, you should also consider what your general purpose is for the backpack.

For instance, if you think it will make a good backpack for your commute then you may wish to avoid something too bright; it can create the wrong impression in many offices. The same is true for schools, if your child wants a mesh bag it should be one that is in keeping with school policy.

While there are many colors to choose from there are some restrictions according to your intended use and you should carefully consider these.


Mesh is surprisingly tough, whole it can be cut with a knife so can almost any backpack. If you have valuables in your mesh backpack then you will need to choose a backpack that has a dual zip system. This will allow you to lock your backpack up and prevent opportunist incidents.

You should also consider the places you will be visiting. If they have security on the way in having a mesh backpack can be beneficial. However, if this is your main motivation for purchasing this type of bag then you should make sure that it is one that is approved by the venues you attend!  

It is worth remembering that the items you place inside this type of bag will be visible to others. If you don’t really need to bring it with you then don’t put it in your bag!


Most mesh backpacks have padded straps that can be adjusted to suit your needs; this allows them to fit an adult man, woman, or a child. In general, this is comfortable for short distances but it will depend on what is in the bag and how it has been packed.

To improve your comfort when carrying the bag all day you should consider getting a mesh backpack with a padded rear. This will mean it needs to be paneled and not completely see-through. If this is something that still fits your needs then a padded back panel can be an important addition to your mesh backpack. The more comfortable it is further you will be able to travel with it.


You will probably have noticed that most mesh backpacks are made from polyester or nylon. Some are even made of both. There are other materials available but it is important to pick one which is going to be durable and last, even with the rigors of your children throwing the mesh backpack around.

As well as looking at what the bag is made from it is always worth evaluating the stitching on the mesh backpack as soon as you receive it. This is the weakest point of any bag. If you assess it and find any issue then you should be returning it. It is acceptable to take a replacement bag but if the stitching on the second is just as bad then you should only accept a refund.

This should not be an issue on any of the bags on this list but it is worth checking, even the best manufacturers can have a bad batch.


Finally, it is worth looking at the reputation of the company. While you probably already know everything you need to about Nike, there is a good chance you have a lot to learn about the other business on this list. You should do your research. This means looking at the company and then looking at reviews from people who have actually purchased the product before.

There will be hundreds of reviews for any given product online. You need to look at some of them and get a feeling for the overall trend. This will give you an accurate picture regarding whether the mesh backpack is as good as it says it is, or not.

There will also be some who are negative about every product they buy but you should be able to see the overall trend easily and ignore the sob stories; unless everyone is like that.


Purchasing mesh backpacks are not difficult and needn’t be expensive. You could easily purchase one for every member of your family for under $100. The question is whether everyone would be happy with a mesh backpack and your choice of bags!

This article should have highlighted to you the possibilities with mesh backpacks. They are flexible and highly practical in a variety of situations. Certainly, most of the ones on this list could be used for school, the office or sport. You may even be able to purchase one bag for nearly every activity you do. This will drastically reduce your expenditure and allow you to buy the right bag for your needs.

But, before you rush to your computer to start the online ordering process, think about the best mesh backpacks on this list and how they fit in with your needs according to the guide that is also listed here. Every step of the guide to choosing a mesh backpack should be considered; this will help to ensure you have the right mesh backpack and not the one that looks the best. Just don’t forget, unless your backpack has a rain cover it will not have any protection from the elements. If it does rain the items inside your backpack will almost certainly be ruined.

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Adidas Hermosa Mesh Backpack
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