The Best Batman Backpacks

Best Batman Backpacks

The backpack is a simple invention that has evolved over time to become a sophisticated way of transporting virtually any item. Whether you need a bag for hiking, traveling the world, climbing Everest, or simply the business weekend away; there is a backpack that can do the job for you.

Our Top Pick!
Batman Tactical Backpack

The Batman tactical backpack is another stylish-looking backpack that could be used at school, while traveling, or on your daily commute.

This is not to say you can’t treat yourself to one! As well as an image of Batman exploding out of the backpack there is the option to have a name engraved on the bag. This can be invaluable when someone else has the same backpack or your child needs to take it to school; where everything needs to be named!

If you have ever taken your child shopping for a backpack you will know just how difficult it is. They are automatically attracted to the design, such as a batman backpack, that matches their current favorite television program or movie. Of course, this does not mean that the backpack they choose is the most practical or robust for their needs.

Even if you attempt to organize it the other way round and get them to choose the theme first this does not necessarily make the process easier. After all, you might not have realized until you started to look but there are hundreds of different Batman backpacks. Some are approved by the studios, while others are simply using the images and there are even those which are just offering copies of the real thing.

Fortunately, we have created a list that will help you to identify the top 10 Batman backpacks currently available. All you have to do then is convince your child that it is the right one for them! It should be noted that Batman backpacks are not just the preserve of children.

Many adults will like the stylish designs and practicality of these bags; although you may need to consider whether it is appropriate for your job or any other activities that you currently undertake. It is important to consider what you are using the backpack for.

In order to help you choose the right Batman backpack, there is also a useful guide regarding what things you should be considering before you purchase your Batman backpack. There have been many different versions of the Batman films and these are reflected in the huge array of different style rucksacks you can find available. This is why it is essential to read the guide first; you need to think about what suits your needs before you get carried away with the coolest-looking bag on the market.

It is worth noting that none of the Batman backpacks come with grappling hooks or any of the other Batman gadgets; unfortunately.

Our Selection of Batman Backpacks

1. Batman Tactical Backpack

Batman Tactical Backpack

The Batman tactical backpack is another stylish-looking backpack that could be used at school, while traveling, or on your daily commute. It is also a fully licensed product which should inspire confidence that it is well made and built to last. This one retails for the same approximate price as the first one, between $50 and $70 which means you need to consider the bag on its own merit, not the price.

This Batman backpack is black all over with just a touch of the official gray on the rear straps and the trim of the backpack. The Batman logo is embedded into the top half of the front of the backpack; it is made from light reflective material so that the Batman logo will stand out at night! Again, this batman backpack adopts the standard backpack style, a rectangular base with a curving top and a small, padded carry handle across the top.

There are two side pockets and two straps across the front with distinctive gunmetal grey ‘S’ clips that make the bag feel like it could actually belong to Batman. The rear straps are fully adjustable and well padded, to ensure your comfort when traveling. They also have several studs at the top of each strap which adds to the tactical, efficient feel of this backpack.

You will be pleased to note that this batman backpack is made from polyester and PU which gives it a stain-resistant finish. The majority of the daily dirt which accumulates will simply wipe off! The bag measures 17.5 inches high by 11 inches wide, this is smaller than the Batman better build Laptop backpack but it does have more depth, an impressive 8.5 inches.

The main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve that will accommodate 15-inch laptops and even some 17-inch ones; it is advisable to check the measurements first before you buy. The bag weighs 2.4 pounds, much of this weight is due to the reinforced areas, such as the neat detail on the front where the front pocket has a black plastic piece shaped roughly in a ‘V’ to add to the effect while protecting the contents.

The main compartment has the laptop sleeve but it is also home to a slip pocket that will accommodate your tablet. There are two more pockets in the main compartment, lower down which could be perfect for your accessories or you might prefer the mesh pockets at the top which are excellent for cables and other slightly larger accessories.

The main pocket is closed with a dual zip feature; this runs smoothly along the track but is aided by the straps mentioned earlier. They keep the pressure from the zip ensuring it lasts for as long as you need it. The secondary pocket on the front of the batman backpack is also a good spot for your accessories. It zips shut and is spacious enough to carry your laptop charger and other electrical wires.

There no individual pockets inside this one but it do offer easy access to ensure you can quickly find any item you have in there. It is worth noting that there are also two side pockets, both closed with a single zip. These could accommodate a water bottle or some similarly sized object. There is enough room in this bag to fit everything you need for a day at work or school.

2. Batman Better Built Backpack

Batman Better Built Backpack

Price is not a factor when looking at the first three Batman backpacks on this list. They all retail for between $50 and $70; you should find the difference to be just a few dollars. The third offering is also DC Comic approved. Knowing that you are buying a genuine product means that you can be confident that it is well made and is durable.

This particular batman backpack adopts a slightly more distinctive design although the style of the backpack remains the same. It curves at the top to prevent it from being a complete rectangle but retains the standard padded carry handle and the side pockets which look a little like ears. The front of this batman backpack is predominantly black but has distinctive gray stripes across it. These are set at angles on the top half of the bag, three on each side and they create a nice ribbed effect which is reminiscent of the Batman suit.

The lower half of the front of the batman backpack has gray across the tops of the pockets and a splash of gray on the rear strap supporting material. The distinctive batman logo sits between the diagonal gray stripes on the top half of the bag. It is discreet yet strangely menacing; ensuring the backpack looks fantastic.

This batman backpack is also made from a mixture of polyester and PU. It is water-resistant and should not have any issues in anything but the heaviest of rains. Of course, it is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water! The main compartment has a double zip function to provide security for your personal items. It zips halfway down each side, allowing the flap to open and you to slide all your essential items in and out. By only coming down this far the bag is capable of keeping all your belongings safely inside. Inside this pocket is a dedicated laptop sleeve.

The backpack measures 18.5 inches high by 13 inches wide, although the depth is a little restricting at 6 inches. You will comfortably get any 15-inch laptop inside and most 17 inch ones. But, again, it is important to verify the measurements of your laptop before you purchase the bag. In front of the main pocket is a second double zip pocket. This is as tall as the main compartment but slimmer.

It also zips down halfway, allowing excellent access to the accessory pouch. Here is the perfect spot to store your tablet or to use the slip style pockets for your cell phone, pens, pencils, notebooks, and even your bank cards or ID. In front of this, there are two smaller pockets; these should just about fit a cell phone in. they have a single zip function to keep your items safe. You will also find two side pockets. These are perfect for storing water bottles or even your umbrella; depending on where you are going.

That is perhaps the biggest appeal of this specific batman backpack. It really does suggest you are about to travel anywhere! The small outside pockets are particularly useful for all the odds and ends you find yourself carrying. They also look a little like Batman’s utility belt, prompting a positive response from anyone who sees the bag and making you feel just a little bit more like your hero.

3. Batman Comic 16 Backpack

Batman Comic 16 Backpack

This batman backpack has a completely different feel and looks to the first three. Instead of being based on the films, this one takes its cue from the Batman comics; it even has pictures of Batman on the bag. Again it adopts the traditional curved top style of many backpacks and sports a large carry handle at the top.

This is padded to ensure it is comfortable when you need to use it. There are two color options with this stylish backpack. The first is referred to as multicolor and it features an array of images from the Batman comics; with Batman in full fighting mode. There are also several phrases printed on the bag, such as ‘Caped Crusader’ or ‘Gotham Guardian’. These give the bag a funky and fresh look.

They cover the entire bag on the front and sides. The rear is plain black, as are the straps. The logo sits in the middle of the top of the bag and is black with a yellow outline; making it stand out despite the noise of the other colors around it. The alternative is to choose the black backpack. This features a very similar design but the images are more like scenes from the comics rather than just action shots.

All the images are completed in black and white to create the right effect, slightly macabre. Again, this backpack has a plain black back and the rear straps are also black. Before you go any further it is probably important to know that this backpack will hold a full-sized Batman comic.

This Batman backpack measures 17.2 inches tall by 12.4 inches wide and 5 inches deep; it is a regular-sized backpack although slightly smaller than the other offerings on this list. It is made from Nylon which is soft but strong and resistant to most scratches. This material I also water-resistant; it will keep all your contents dry in the rain but ay struggle in really heavy downpours.

It can easily hold your 15-inch laptop and should be able to handle most 17 inch ones. There is even a dedicated sleeve inside the main compartment to hold your laptop securely. This is padded to help protect your laptop from any harm. There is plenty of space inside this bag, whether you are looking to take your laptop and accessories to work or all your textbooks to school; you will not be disappointed!

The main pocket is protected by a double zip, although you might need a good padlock to avail yourself of this feature. It is spacious enough to take your laptop, a change of clothes and several other items such as lunch and your textbooks. In front of this is a secondary pocket with a zipped pocket. This takes up approximately half the backpack and has a single zip that snakes across the front of it.

This does restrict access to the pocket but it is plenty big enough for all your electrical accessories, wallet, and even your cell phone.  The rear straps are fully adjustable and padded, as is the rear panel of the backpack. This will allow you to put the backpack in the perfect position and carry it comfortably wherever you go. This Batman backpack does not have any side pockets but it is still spacious enough to be considered; particularly as it is decidedly more colorful than the first three offerings.

4. Batman Yellow Symbol Black Backpack

Batman Yellow Symbol Black Backpack

Here we have yet another black Batman backpack! This should not be surprising as Batman is traditionally black and gray. However, this one is slightly different, despite adopting the classic style of any backpack. It is an unsupported rectangular shape with a narrower, curved top. It also sports a large carry handle on the top which could be very useful if you intend to use this bag on your daily commute.

The handle has a small amount of padding to ensure it is comfortable when you are moving it in this way. The bag is all black with the exception of a large yellow Batman logo which sits on the top half of the front of the backpack. It is stitched into the backpack and made from a hard plastic; leaving it unlikely to tear or fade as time passes.

The bag is made from high-quality Faux leather, the first on this list not to have polyester. Yet it can still be purchased for between $50 and $70 which makes it an extremely attractive proposition.  The faux leather is naturally water-resistant allowing you to carry the bag confidently in virtually any weather. Of course, it is not waterproof and cannot be submerged.

Equally, if there is a particularly bad storm it would be better to either protect your bag or coat it with a waterproofing spray first. This should not affect the color of the backpack. The rear straps are actually Batman gray with a thin black stripe going down the middle of them. This is a cool addition to the bag as it adds an authentic feel to the backpack. These straps are well-padded and adjustable. You should be able to find a position that fits you nicely or adjust it for your child.

This Batman backpack measures 17.5 inches by 13 inches and has a depth of 3 inches with a weight of just 1.4 pounds. This is light enough to be carried by virtually anyone. It is well balanced and finished with high quality, assuring you that it will last you for several years. The main pocket has a zip that goes up and over the curve of the backpack.

The dual zip systems can be drawn down both sides until it is just over the halfway point; this provides enough access to the main compartment to store your laptop safely and other items. It can handle a 15-inch laptop and even some 17-inch ones, but you will need to check the exact measurements to confirm if your laptop will fit before you purchase this bag. In front of the main pocket is a secondary one.

This has a zip running across the width of it; the pocket rises halfway up the backpack.  This is a great and spacious accessory pocket. However, you are limited by the way the zip runs across the front. While your items cannot fall out you will often find yourself feeling in the pocket just to find something that you are fairly sure is inside.  

There are no further pockets on this backpack. It should appeal because of its simplicity and the faux leather material is durable as well as soft to the touch. It should be noted that this is a genuine product, licensed by DC Comics; you will be assured of the quality of the build.

5. Batman Graphic Comic Print Backpack

Batman Graphic Comic Print Backpack

The graphics on this batman backpack are excellent! As with all the other Batman backpacks, it adopts the standard curved top approach with one main compartment and an outer one. However, the design of the print really makes this bag stand out. It is extremely colorful, there are many different scenes from the Batman comics; each one shows Batman in action or one of his foes attempting to defeat him.

The explosions and facial expressions make the images very believable and you will spend a considerable amount of time simply studying them. Of course, this may be distracting in class or even at work! This is certainly a bag that will attract positive comments and yet, despite the brightness it could easily double as your daily commute bag.

The Batman Graphic Comic Print Backpack measures 16.25 inches high by 12.5 inches wide. It has a depth of 6 inches which provides enough space for several A4 binders and your textbooks. Of course, it will also handle a tablet or a laptop up to 15 inches. As always you should verify the measurements of your laptop before purchasing the backpack.

The bag is made from nylon; this ensures t is water-resistant and can be used in most weathers; an important and often overlooked factor if it is being used for the daily school run. It has thick, padded rear straps which can be adjusted; it will comfortably fit an adult or a child. There is also the standard carry handle at the top, which is also padded to ensure you can carry it easily when you need to.

The batman backpack has a dual-zip feature, as most of these do. It goes from approximately halfway down one side to the same distance on the other side. This is fairly standard and provides good access to allow you to stack your books in. The zip has a black and white cord attached to it to make it easy to open and close your backpack. There are no internal pockets although the rear panel is well padded to ensure your load does not dig in while you carry it.

This can be a serious issue if you have lots of books in your backpack. In front of the main pocket is the accessory pocket. This takes up the bottom half of the front of the bag and has a zip that crosses the width of the backpack. Although this does make access to the pocket limited it is safer than a flap opening where all your belongings end up across the floor! This pocket is big enough to handle a wallet, cell phone, calculator, pencil case, notebooks, and a few other odds and ends. Unfortunately, there is no bottle holder in this backpack.

This bag is a practical option for an adult but it is also excellent for smaller children. It wipes clean to avoid them getting upset and is big enough to handle any books they need to carry to and from school. The fact that it looks good is simply a bonus and a good way to make your child’s friends jealous!

6. BIOWORLD DC Comics Batman Logo Color Block Knapsack Backpack

BIOWORLD DC Comics Batman Logo Color Block Knapsack Backpack

This is one of the most stylish-looking Batman backpacks. It has dual pockets on the front which give it an almost duffel bag-like feel, which is highlighted by the hanging tassels and the carry handle. However, it is a backpack and a surprisingly capable one despite being the smallest on the list. The simplicity of the design is most of what makes this so appealing.

As an officially licensed product, it uses the Batman gray and black; with good effect. The lower half of the bag is gray with black trim while the top half is jet black and has the Batman logo emblazoned in black on a yellow oval background. The effect is minimalistic but awesome!

Although this is a perfectly usable backpack you might be interested to note that it is actually a limited edition; instead of using it, you might find it preferable to collect it. At the moment you can get it for under $50 but, as a collector’s item, it is likely to increase in value! Alternatively, you may like to give it to a Batman fan as a gift.

The backpack is made from polyester and weighs just 1 pound. It measures 14.5 inches tall by 12.5 inches wide with a depth of 3 inches. It will accommodate an 11 or 12-inch laptop but you will need to measure your laptop if you have a 13 inch one or bigger.  The bag consists of one main compartment which has a drawstring top to hold all your items safely in.

Over the top of the drawstring is a flap that protects the opening of the bag and deters opportunists. This buckles down to the main bag with a silver, antioxygenic buckle clasp. The Batman logo described above is actually on this flap as it will ensure it remains flat at all times. If it was on the main part of the bag it could become crinkled and cracked after you have drawn the drawstrings together several times.

In front of this main compartment are two small pockets. They are easily big enough to take two or three cell phones each. They also have a flap with a buckle clasp to keep your personal belongings inside. These are surprisingly convenient pockets for a wide range of items. There are two black straps on the rear of the bag which are padded for comfort and adjustable to ensure the backpack can fit an adult or a child.

Although this is a relatively small backpack it offers enough space to be used as a school bag or something to take with you to the gym. Unfortunately, despite looking good it does not really have enough space for the work run if you need to take your laptop with you; a tablet would fit fine. The great thing is that because of its neutral colors it can be used by boys and girls; after all, anyone can be a fan of Batman.

It might interest you to know that despite not being the largest backpack on the top 10 Batman backpacks list, it is the one that has 100% feedback; which is quite an impressive achievement even by Batman’s standards!

7. Batman Hooded With Cape Backpack

Batman Hooded With Cape Backpack

Why carry a Batman backpack and not look the part as well. This unique design allows you or your child to carry all the essential items with them and pull a hood over their head to make them look like Batman. From the back, you will simply see a black hood with the familiar bat ears and a large Batman logo on their back!

This batman backpack makes good use of the standard black and gray but also adds a good splash of yellow; brightening the whole bag which makes it appear much more desirable. The front of the bag has black edging which curves around the sides and across the top. The rest of the front is gray with the Batman logo at the top. This is a black oval with a yellow outline and a yellow outline of the Bat symbol. It almost leaps off the bag at you.

The front pocket of the backpack has a black flap-style pocket with Batman yellow trim. This serves to nicely break up the gray across the front of the bag. There are a variety of black markings dotted across the gray material which creates an effect of chaos; this really ties the colors on the bag together and makes it look both stylish and funky.

The real color comes in on the rear of the backpack. Both the padded straps are comfortable and adjustable; they are also Batman yellow. This gives the bag a distinctive look which just works.

Of course, the main feature is the hooded cape. This slots into a special pocket inside the backpack. Then, whenever you feel like being Batman, or if it starts to rain, you pull it out and put it over your head. The cape covers your head and has the usual Batman ears.

It also goes across your back and over the backpack; protecting you all from the rain. It is made from durable nylon, allowing it to be folded into the special pocket and till be waterproof when need. As an adult, you may feel a little silly using it, but your child will think it is fantastic! It has a bright yellow oval on the back with the Batman logo in black and looks cool.

The main pocket of the batman backpack has smooth double-action zips with corded tags to make it easier to open and close them. These zip two-thirds of the way down the backpack; helping your child gain access to all their books or anything else they have kept in there. The bag weighs just 1.1 pounds and measures 16.3 inches by 14 inches and 3.6 inches deep.

It is surprisingly deep thanks to the width. You will comfortably fit most 15 inch laptops inside although, again, it does not have any dedicated pockets or any internal pockets. The rear panel is padded to protect it against your back but a laptop will need to go into a sleeve. On the front of the backpack is a second pocket.

This has a single zip, with a corded pull that runs widthways across the bag. As with many of these backpacks, this limits your access to the pocket but it is a useful space for putting all the odds and ends you end up carrying with you.

The bag is water-resistant and extremely durable; it is a practical choice for any child and is exceptionally reasonably priced; you should be able to purchase it for between $35 and $50. Considering reports have stated it lasts in excess of two years this is money well spent. By the time the bag wears out your child will be itching for a new one!

8. Batman Men’s Front Pocket Backpack

Batman Men's Front Pocket Backpack

The final entry on the top 10 Batman backpacks list is the Batman Men’s Front Pocket with Distressed Screen Print. This is a nice-looking bag and one that you could easily use for work and pleasure. It is made from polyester and is durable, water-resistant, and well built; ensuring you tears of good service.

The bag adopts the traditional approach, rectangular with a curved top. It has no bulges on the side but does have a front pocket which is jet black. This is a direct contrast to the Batman gray of the rest of the bag. There is a Yellow oval on the top half of the bag with a black Batman symbol. The yellow is cracked, (distressed), which really adds to the overall effect.  

Although it is made from polyester it has a distressed, almost crinkled look which really makes this batman backpack look something special. This is an official product so you can wear it with pride, especially as you should be able to purchase it for between $25 and $40. It is also worth noting that this batman backpack can be hand washed but you should never put it in either a washing machine or a tumble dryer! The design may be simple but the distressed look really finishes it off.

The bag is a good size, measuring 21.1 inches tall by 14.7 inches wide; although the depth is only 3 inches. It weighs an impressive 9.6 ounces although it is robustly built and well put together. The main compartment is surprisingly big but does not have a pocket for your laptop. It will happily accommodate any 17-inch laptop and most 19 inch ones but, again, you will need a sleeve to protect it.

Aside from this, you could easily put an A4 binder in plus a few textbooks. Although it is not deep, it is wide enough to support A4 pads on its side! The dual zips are mounted on a smooth zipper with corded pulls to make it as easier as possible to shut the bag; especially when in a rush. As usual, the rear straps are adjustable and well padded, in fact, this is potentially the most comfortable of all the top 10 Batman backpacks!

The second pocket, on the front of the bag, is as black as it could be and almost looks like it has been stuck on as an afterthought. Yet it works and looks good. It has a flap over it to protect the single zip closure. This pocket does not go the whole width of the bag; although it nearly does. It is just the right size to accommodate your cell phone, charger, pen, and notebook; ensuring you are ready for any occasion.  

There is, of course, a carry handle made from the same canvas which stretches over the top of the bag. This allows you to easily move your bag when it is not worth carrying it on your back or you are afraid of bumping into something! This may not have the most pockets of all the ones on this list but it is potentially the best, simply because of the way it looks and feels. With this bag, you are embracing Batman and adopting a practical approach to carrying your belongings!

How To Choose The Right Batman Backpack

Deciding which batman backpack is the right one for you or your child is a big decision. There are so many different designs that it can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, you can find the right one by following a few simple steps.

Although the first part of these guidelines is aimed at you choosing the right Batman backpacks these tips and steps can be used to find any type of backpack. The majority of the questions you need to ask yourself are applicable to ensure you are assessing the right criteria and not simply picking the one that looks best.  Of course, this is a viable approach providing you don’t mind changing your bag n a regular basis.

Follow these steps and you will have a backpack which will serve you well:

Why Batman Backpacks?

This may seem like a silly question. Presumably, you are after Batman backpacks because you love Batman and everything he stands for. Having a Batman backpack shows this to the world and allows you to indulge in a little pretense every so often.

However, if you are purchasing this backpack for your child you need to ask how into Batman are they? If it is simply a passing fad then are likely to move onto something else before the bag has had a chance to wear out. While there is no issue with your child adopting different fads, if this is expressed in their clothing and backpacks you may find that you are constantly replacing them, which is not generally a viable option.

It is, therefore, important to think about whether your child will really still be interested in Batman in a year; this will justify the expenditure and allow you to look into which bags are available.

Type of Batman Backpack

Once you have established Batman backpacks are the right way to go you need to think about which type of Batman. Does your child want comic book Batman, movie star Batman or the animated television version? Each one of these has its own look and style; you will need to find the right batman backpack according to which type of Batman they want.  

You also need to consider whether the backpack needs to have a dedicated laptop compartment or if the general pockets which many of the ones on the top 10 list have are enough. You will have narrowed your search field considerably by this stage.

Is It Genuine?

You now need to consider your own approach to the movie industry. There are many Batman products on the market which are not officially licensed. While this may not affect the quality or usability of the backpack it may affect your moral position. Technically all products which have Batman on them need to be approved or the seller and you are potentially breaking copyright laws which could lead to a hefty fine.

Of course, we would advise only using official products but you must decide this for yourself; this will then reduce the number of backpacks for you to choose from.


The next thing you need to consider is how big does your batman backpack need to be? If you are using it for work then it needs to accommodate your laptop; you’ll need to measure it to verify the size of your laptop before deciding which bags can be added to your shortlist.

Of course, if it is for school then it is important to consider what items will be needed on the average school day and make sure the bag you choose is big enough to handle them. A general rule which should be applied is to work out what you need to put into your backpack and then add an extra 20% of space; this should ensure you have enough room for anything.


Next, consider the funds you have available. Batman backpacks are surprisingly affordable, even the one that has the potential to be a collector’s item. However, even if you can afford everyone on this list it is a good practice to set a reasonable budget and stick to it. This will ensure you do not overspend and will help you to focus your search efforts on a specific price bracket. This can really help to limit the options available and make your final choice easier.

If you are purchasing for a child then it is a good opportunity to teach them a little about money; explain the budget to them and let them choose the right backpack; within the budget.


In most cases, you can simply order a batman backpack online and it will be available for you immediately. However, sometimes this is not the case. Items might be out of stock or on a delayed order leaving you with the dilemma of having chosen your perfect bag but not knowing when it will turn up.

If you need your bag in a hurry then you should only look at those which are already in stock; this will prevent heartache when you order the one that you haven’t got time to wait for.


A good backpack can last two or three years, some last much longer than this. Ideally, you will want one that is going to last for a long time; this will help to justify the money you are paying out. However to really assess how good a backpack is you should look at what other people have said about it. The best way to do this is to look at the social media sites and read some of the responses.

You will find some particularly negative ones but you should be interested in the overall trend and how the supplier has dealt with any complaints. This will help you to assess whether this is the right manufacturer for you or not.

If you have ruled out a manufacturer but fall in love with one of their bags you must remember that it is not worth it; there is no point in having an attractive backpack if it only lasts two weeks; no matter how good it looks!


Most of the batman backpacks on this list are made from polyester or nylon. This is generally a tough but friendly material. It is water resistant and flexible; you could do much worse! Of course, this is not the only option and you should consider whether you have any objections to specific materials or if you favor one over another from past experience.  Knowing this can help you to select the right bag for your needs and beliefs!


Finally, it is worth considering what pockets you need in your Batman backpack. Multiple pockets can be extremely beneficial if you are carrying lots of bits, like memory sticks, a wallet, a cell phone, charging cables, and other accessories. However if this is not something you need to consider then you may be happier with a simple, two-pocket approach. This will help to prevent you from losing things as they must be in one pocket or the other!


It is important to note that there is no right or wrong answer to all these questions and thoughts. The bag that suits you does not need to be the one that suits your best friend. After all, your tastes are different and your needs are different. You should use these tips and the list of top 10 Batman backpacks to find the backpack that makes you happy!

Of course, your needs will change; this is inevitable as nothing stands still forever. The bag that suits you today might not be the right one for three months but you can only plan for what you are doing now. This means that it is okay to inject a little fun into your decision. Consider the most important points such as size and budget but then don’t be afraid to have a little fun with the other criteria; it will help you to pick the right bag, the one that you love to take with you every day.

A backpack is an incredibly useful and easy way to carry all your personal possessions, it can be slung on your back, carried on one shoulder, or even used as a chest bag. All the options ensure your hands are free to deal with the everyday hassles of commuting or getting to the right classroom. This is why it is so important to consider your options first and then commit to the right backpack; taking the time to think about your decision will make sure you are happy with it for as long as it lasts!

Our Top Pick!
Batman Tactical Backpack

The Batman tactical backpack is another stylish-looking backpack that could be used at school, while traveling, or on your daily commute.

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