Rebecca Brown

With an interest in fashion, food, and all things creative, Rebecca enjoys using her spare time to write for Bestbackpack. She has a background working within a non-profit organization in Africa, and is currently working toward her Bachelor of Arts degree while caring for her new family of four.

Canvas Backpacks

The Best Canvas Backpacks

Practical yet stylish, canvas backpacks give you the freedom to travel and explore, or even just get through day-to-day activities at school or work. Their durability offers up reliability, and the vintage canvas style appeals to most. They are one...

Best Range Bags -

The Best Range Bags

Trips down to the gun range or traveling with your firearms can be made much easier and less stressful when using a good range bag or carry purses. Whether you make frequent trips down to the gun range, or if it is only once in a while, you can...